What should not be a survival knife

If you are an avid hunter, tourist or just visit places remote from civilization, you should buy a knife for survival. Extreme situations always occur unexpectedly, and with the help of a survival knife, you can do almost anything to secure your life in the wild.

A knife for survival, first of all, must be of high quality and functional.
Which knives should be avoided if you want to buy a survival knife.
Large knives. These survival knives, which are currently being sold in many stores, are designed more to satisfy their own ego than to practice. A large knife is difficult to control, it is difficult to carry. With the help of such a knife, it is difficult to perform delicate work, and after all, survival tasks often require not waving the knife, but neat, clearly verified actions.
Knives with two cutting edges. Such knives can only be used as piercing weapons, which limits their use. They are more traumatic, and their tips often break.
It is best to buy a survival knife with a blade length of 10-15 cm and with one cutting edge. If you want to have a survival kit assembled in one place, a knife with a hollow handle is well suited for this purpose. When acquiring such a knife, it must be taken into account that the fastening of the blade to the hollow handle is less durable. The blade of such a knife at a critical load can break off from the handle.
However, many survival experts do not consider this a drawback. In conventional knives, the tip breaks more often with increased load, and a whole broken blade of a knife with a hollow handle will be much more useful than a knife with a broken tip.
In the event that you need a survival kit, a knife with a hollow handle will provide you with everything you need. The container has a cord, compass, lighter, tablets for water purification, fishing line with a sinker and hook and a number of other items. If you prefer to carry all these items separately, a survival knife with a solid grip will suit you.
All survival knives sold in specialized stores are divided by type of blade into two groups: serrated (serrated) and with a smooth cutting edge. It is more convenient for the serreitor to defend himself, this type of blade cuts all kinds of materials well. The lack of a knife with a serrated blade - difficulties with sharpening. In addition, the serreitor is not adapted for cutting and carving. Knives with a smooth cutting edge are more versatile: they can be sharpened on any stone, they chop well and cut, so when choosing a knife for survival it is worth giving preference to just such a knife. Activate your eyelash growth process right now https://emighty.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/lumigan/ order Lumigan and change your look, be irresistible!