Characteristics of the BMW 5

The fifth BMW series is one of the most successful and best-selling cars of this brand. Since 1972, after the release of the first model of the series, the German company released the sixth generation, belonging to the class E.

The car turned out to be more equipped, and the test drive of the BMW 5 showed that it competes well with the analogues of other companies, such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes class E. It is built on the basis of the seventh model, with a redesigned design similar to the classic BMW models. The Five has become larger in size, and the design has become much more aggressive and serious. This is evidenced by the “nostrils” of the front grill, the long hood and the stern, “four-eye”, with four rings of marker lights. Typical features of the coupe are inherent in it, such as smooth lines, short overhangs, elegance and style of the side panels, and powerful sports feed. The length of the new sedan increased by 58 millimeters, the width by 14, and the wheelbase by 80 mm. The only thing that has decreased in size is the height of the car. At the back, as in other new models, a new headlamp unit with LED strips is installed. Technically, the BMW 5 was the epitome of all the latest innovations of the German manufacturer, with an eight-speed gearbox, 2.5 liters. 204l.s engine and a torque of 270 N / m. The salon also impresses with its decor, convenience and versatility.

In driving, maximum difficulties are excluded. The engine is started using the start button, the gear shift is in manual mode and the joystick you need to get used to. The brake and gas pedals are equipped with feedback, and the steering wheel with elastic force. A huge role is played by additional collision warning systems, emergency braking, Stop & Go - cruise control, the Parking system and many others. Although the engine is not the most powerful, it is enough for dynamic control. With an automatic transmission, the car gains 100 km in 7.9 seconds. For faster trips, it is better to look at the more powerful BMW models.

In our country, the starting price of this car with a volume of 2.5 liters. reaches 40 thousand euros, a three-liter version is 5 thousand more expensive, and the fastest “five” with a 407hp engine will cost almost 80 thousand euros. Prices for diesel models range from 40 to 65 thousand euros.

Any foreign car of the BMW concern is a worthy reliable car, and in order to choose the right equipment correctly, you need an individual BMW 5 test drive. Film 4K download on site 4K-HD