The Showdown Effect: Overview Friv Game

Those whose childhood was in the last decade of the last century should remember how the usual “western” values ​​in the form of “Dandy” prefixes and militants on videotapes with indispensable nasal translation gradually came to replace the usual entertainments like football in the yard or “war” Volodarsky . Walkthrough Super Mario Bros. without any “saves” (then no one knew what it was), “Terminator” and “Mortal Kombat”, looked up to the holes and memorized by heart, the favorite parental technique for distracting the child from the game “stop playing, the kinescope will burn!” - was cool right? Play best friv games site

Children grew up long ago, play other games and watch a completely different movie, but we all remember how it all began. Not Just Us: Arrowhead Game Studios, familiar from the reckless cooperative action game Magicka , releases a network platformer made in the style of meat fighters of the 80s and 90s. Now you can find out in practice who is cooler - Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Clarification of the relationship between the parody images of the heroes of American films about all kinds of saviors of humanity takes place in the form of a 2D action. There is no single game, with the exception of a little training, only multiplayer. There are several battle modes - “Each for himself”, “One against all” and so on. At the end of each fight, the player is awarded special points (AC), which can then be spent on the purchase of new weapons and equipment; also with their help they can acquire new characters. Experienced fighters can be seen right away - they have different weapons and a more impressive outfit. You can dress, by the way, as your heart desires - for example, it is not uncommon to meet a ninja with a lightsaber from Star Wars at the ready and with a bazooka behind him. Well, if the receipt of AC did not work out, then those who want to look original straight way to the store,

The one who played Soldat, get used to it right away, and others don’t have to get used to it for long - the game mechanics are elementary, the management is even simpler. There is nothing superfluous that would distract from the game - run around the level, shoot, cut enemies with edged weapons and use improvised means to make fun. Yes, you can use not only the equipment that was with your hero from the start of the round as a murder weapon. It stands, for example, in the corridor of the ax of the castle - we grab it and go to the thick of the battle. True, she beats, albeit strongly, but slowly, so you have to use such "toys" wisely. Also, the elements of the environment will fit for protection - the portrait on the wall, it turns out, does an excellent job with the shield. It all looks very funny:

“Brewing” takes place according to the chosen style - liters of ketchup-blood, “dismembered”, explosions that scatter pieces of unsuccessful fighters all over the level, flashes of shots and glitter of swords. Voice acting is also a match - the characters prefer to be deliberately exchanged with pathos phrases, and very vigorous music accompanies the entire action.

Apparently, the developers saw their offspring as a dynamic arcade game, where the winner is the one who presses the buttons faster and better than others knows how to navigate in a rapidly changing situation. In fact, it turned out a bit wrong. Or a lot - how lucky.

Lucky in The Showdown Effect for those who have a good connection and low ping. And even if everything is fine with the network, comrades with an unstable connection can completely ruin the impression of the game. Lags with a sudden abrupt movement of the enemy on the screen do not allow you to hit the target, and such jumps look ridiculous. Matchmaking, which brings players together in ranked battles, does not take these problems into account at all, so you can enjoy battles in this mode only with great luck, and often you can’t find opponents at all.

I will remind you that there is no single game. All fights in TSE- only between people. There is a way out - to create a session yourself, inviting trusted friends to it, with whom there will not be any problems. But here the second big problem is manifested - a small number of participants in one battle. A maximum of eight people, which is completely frivolous for the local cards. It is quite possible to run half a minute on the level in splendid isolation, until you manage to meet the enemy. It seems to be a little, but completely unacceptable for a dynamic arcade, as The Showdown Effect positions itself . Everything looks really sad when there are three or four players or One Man Army mode is on. And in a “team to team” collision, the situation is no better - the prospect of scouring every nook and cranny of the map in search of enemies is not at all pleasing.

As a result, instead of a continuous peppy cut, we often have a dull and monotonous game process, when the main part of the time is consumed by running around the level, and not fights at all. Sometimes it reaches the point of absurdity - you run after the enemy, and he, not noticing you, rushes to the other side in search of a fight. Such are the "fatties" with fatal outcome.

“Meat” in the form of excellent musical accompaniment, a stylish and memorable picture in place, but they forgot about the skeleton on which all this should be held. But there is the possibility of online broadcasting directly from the game and the “hall of fame” - only in such entertainments as TSE is it always more interesting to participate yourself than to rejoice at the successes of others.

However, everything is not so sad. The Showdown Effect has chances to get out of people if the authors do not forget about the patches and try to make the game what it should be - a solid action game without boring pauses. But for now, the fate of the project is unenviable: a multiplayer-oriented project, where the peak in the number of players is limited to a couple of hundred people (according to Steam statistics), is somehow not serious.

Pros: music; stylized militants of the 90s picture.
Cons: not enough action; few differences between characters.