Scorpion King 4: The Lost Throne 2014

From the very first seconds, the movie “Scorpion King 4: The Lost Throne” takes the audience to a world filled with anxiety, adventure, the struggle for the throne, as well as danger. After all, power is that for which they are fighting with a special share of bloodthirstiness, obstinacy, as well as completely plunging into this struggle. The plot of the movie “Scorpion King 4: The Lost Throne” will show how the great King Matayyus was overthrown from his throne and now he will have to return it at all costs. He does not intend to give his rightful throne to anyone, because if he does this, then he will dishonor both his name and the name of his kind. The main goal of the king is to regain his place, as well as to ensure peace for his people and land. All actions, plans, as well as tasks were well thought out and took their course, but the main character expects treacherous treachery. His friend, a comrade who has been tested by time, suddenly turns away from his intercessor ...

Naturally, the main character of this film did not expect a turn of such events. Now he will have to gather all his strengths, weapons, arsenal, knowledge and throw them to the defense. What will be the outcome of this struggle? After all, the forces of the villain are many times greater than the strength of the protagonist, but there is something that is a distinctive feature in relation to the villain - hope. Everything will unfold dynamically and colorful, so that not a single spectator will remain indifferent. It will not be just a confrontation between two personalities, it will be a struggle between good and evil, because the invader confidently intends to wipe the main character off the face of the earth and simply not leave traces from him. He decided to wreak havoc in the world, anger, hatred and raise all human vices to the top, because the main prize of this struggle is the whole world. This film demonstrates what kind of human appearance it is, what fears it carries in itself, and also shows how strong the human spirit and courage can be.

For the protagonist of the movie "Scorpion King 4: The Lost Throne" this fight is more than just a confrontation between good and evil. This is now his life. Will he be able to win this difficult struggle? Will peace and tranquility return to the earth? Will there be supporters for the character whom the only faithful friend betrayed? This struggle will forever change Matayus and he will learn to expose the vices of humanity, to distinguish well-wishers from others. The fate of the whole world is in the hands of Matayus. 5 euro deposit casino