Childhood appendicitis

In simple words, appendicitis is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix of the large intestine (appendix). There are misconceptions that with inflammation of the appendix, pain spreads in the right side of the abdomen. Not. The appendix can be located both in the right lower abdomen and in the left.
Main reasons.
- Disorders of the intestines: not regular stool, dysbiosis.
- The presence of worms.
- Excessive consumption of sweet foods.
- a complication from a viral or infectious disease.
Due to feces, worm eggs, or a foreign body, a blockage of the process can occur. The consequence is its inflammation. The process is filled with pus, there is stagnation of blood. If the appendix is ​​not removed at this time, then it can burst and all its contents will be in the stomach. Peritonitis will begin.
In children under six years of age, appendicitis is extremely rare. This is due to the development of the intestines. It can manifest itself in both acute and chronic forms. Depending on the location of the process, there are different symptoms of the disease.
The obvious symptoms are appendix inflammation.
- The child becomes inactive;
- refuses to eat;
- does not hurt the stomach, protects the sore spot with his hand;
- the temperature reaches a mark within 38 degrees;
- vomiting and loose stools;
- the child’s skin turns pale, the heartbeat is frequent.
The most difficult to determine appendicitis in children under four years of age. The child cannot really explain anything, and the disease itself can proceed very quickly and passes into peritonitis. This is a temperature below 40, confusion. Unfortunately, there are parents who, even in this case, are in no hurry to consult a doctor and begin independent treatment. Considering that the child was simply poisoned. With older children, the diagnosis is easier to make. A child can describe the type of pain and where it hurts. Depending on where the process is located, pain is localized in that area. The pain is permanent. Not explicitly expressed. If you do not go to the hospital on time, then there may be the following complications:
- Peritonitis, inflammation of the process will go into inflammation of the abdominal cavity;
- intestinal obstruction;
- blood poisoning.
How to identify appendicitis.
The most standard method is by palpation. When pressing on the inflamed process, severe pain occurs.
 Can be determined with the help of analyzes.
The passage of ultrasound.
It happens that the diagnosis of the disease takes half a day. In no case should you identify appendicitis yourself. So you can harm the child. With the appearance of abdominal pain and other concomitant symptoms, you must immediately call an ambulance. Do not give your child painkillers. They will interfere with the diagnosis. No laxatives if the child has constipation and has symptoms of inflammation. You can not warm your stomach, it will only accelerate the reaction.
When a disease is detected, in any form of the course of the disease, the only method of recovery is the removal of the process by surgery. The operation lasts no more than an hour, under general anesthesia. After a week, the child is discharged. To prevent the disease, parents should monitor the proper nutrition of the baby, the regularity of the stool. If the first signs appear, then urgently to a doctor. If you are a happy traveler who managed to explore the whole Prague we recommend you to enjoy another Medieval - Karlstein Сastle . Even if you seek to bypass the top tourist places, Karlstein is worth your attention. Amazing landscapes, convenient location and fascinating history. This and much more is waiting for you!