Metal Slug X: Overview Kizi Game

Continuous shootings Metal Slug modern player may not know at all. It all started back in the mid 90's. Initially, the series successfully established itself, being still a "time stealer" on arcade machines. Later, there were ports on home consoles and personal computers. More recently, the turn has reached iOS with Android.

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“Just like my beloved Contra !” - this, most likely, will be the first exclamation of a man who has never before met the live Metal Slugfor tablets and mobile phones. Later, another cry will surely be added to it: “Why doesn’t my device have real control buttons ?!” Believe me, this infection is sharpened clearly not under the capabilities of the touch panel covered with protective glass. She needs the physically tangible erasers of your fingertips.

Hence the only problem with the port is the discrepancy between the unrealistically high reaction speed that the game requests and the response speed of the screen of your device. While you make one jump with a turn - you had to do three. Didn’t reach the rocky step? And it was necessary, by the way, to get on it, to please a wild dog with oncoming fire, to stop the attack of an erect mummy and to destroy two helicopters! For the same time, yes.

If, for reasons unknown to kinetics, you more or less cope with control, then the buzz from torturing Metal Slug Xgrab it in full. Classic! Almost untouched. You land in the thick of things, hold the trigger - and go. The main rule of this game is to never, under any circumstances, release the trigger of a weapon. Although the uniform cretinism in behavior is inherent in the enemies, there are many, many of them. They shoot from the air in helicopters, block the road with their all-terrain vehicles, launch unseen animals to intercept and almost always shoot without stopping.

The hero also has something to answer to such unceremonious attacks. For example, sit on a camel and destroy bots immodest bursts of plasma. Instead of a four-legged friend, an all-terrain vehicle may be or more interesting. Along the way, you will come across bound hostages, for the release of which various "fortifying" bonuses are put. For the most part, they are associated with the temporary "pumping" of existing weapons.

If you have not seen Metal Slug beforeand now decide to discover this amazing series, then the painted technique with crosses (more than an obvious hint of a swastika) will be a curiosity at first. According to the plot, the insidious General Morden is once again going to prove to the whole world how bad and almost fascist he is, and the Sapsan unit will organize worthy resistance to him. If you want - go through the storyline campaign. You can organize multiplayer for "bluetooth", and if you get bored with everything, turn on the arcade mode without obligation.

Eternal shooting, the ubiquitous death and ubiquitous symbols like a swastika - if none of these attributes annoy you, then welcome to the Metal Slug club. There are already a lot of us.

Pros: the spirit of the original is transmitted perfectly; very lively world and frantic pace.
Cons: management requires some skill and getting used to; rare slowdowns on all types of devices.